Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

How much will it cost me to use Tourelle Lifebrokers?

Our services and effort put into finding you the right insurance product are not charged to the client! We offer our clients a free service in sourcing the right coverage. Arrange a free consultation today.

Why should I use Tourelle Lifebrokers instead of using an online provider?

We are experts in finding you the right product set and ensuring all the i's are dotted and the t's are crossed, so that there are no hidden surprises come claim day. Dealing with a trained expert, instead of a form online, means we can personalise the right coverage for you! Contact us to learn more.

How much will income protection cost?

This will depend on your occupation, your current income and the length of time you are able to manage without income.

What about ACC?

ACC only covers you for accidents. It does not cover you for illness related disabilities. Statistics show that it is more likely you will suffer an illness related disability than an accident related disability. Are you on the right ACC plan? Click here to view more.

If I've got medical insurance, why do I need other cover?

Medical insurance only covers the direct cost of surgical or non-surgical medical expenses. It does not cover you in the event of death, disablement or loss of income.

Why do premiums increase each year?

Premiums increase each year due to your increasing age and increasing sum assured if you have chosen an indexed benefit. Find out more about level premiums here.

Do I have to have a medical exam and blood tests?

Only if the level of cover you require relative to your age is in excess of the insurer's non-medical limits or if you have a pre-existing condition that the underwriters want updated information on. Read more about Increasing existing cover without medical underwriting here

Can a third party hold cover over my life?

Yes, provided you were aware that the policy was being issued on your life. Ownership of any policy can be assigned to another person or entity provided that the transfer of ownership is correctly completed and registered with the insurer.

Do you have more questions that you would like answered? Contact the team at Tourelle Lifebrokers today.


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