How ACC can work for your business

Husband and wife business owners paying themselves $75,000 each and paying ACC levies of $13,000. We restructured them both on CoverPlus extra for $7,000 ACC Levies (total). With the ACC savings of $6,000 they were able to insure their lives for $300,000 each have Trauma cover of $100,000 and Disability income of $4,000 per month each, for $3,000 per annum, insurance premiums. Total life insurance premiums and ACC levies $10,000 saving the client $3,000.

ACC only pays for accidents and if you have a (degenerative) disorder ACC can decline your weekly ACC compensation for your injury.

The secret is to phone 0800-865-855 and get an ACC and insurance review. ACC combined with assurance products is a great combination, with most insurance covers non-cancellable with reoccurring injuries or illnesses.

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