Supporting Movember

Andre Tourelle has decided to get behind Movember foundation and grow a moustache during the month of November.

I have witnessed two male clients this year suffer prostate cancer (males highest cancer risk), another client suffer a heart attack and another tumors in his spine.

I realise us males are not "bullet proof". The only saving grace for my male clients who suffer these severe illnesses was they listened to my advice and purchased trauma cover. When an event occurs like this your world is turned upside down. Financial worry was taken away from my clients, we assisted with completing the claims forms and the money was in their bank accounts within the week giving them peace of mind financially so they could fully concentrate on fighting their cancer. Us men work hard, live hard, play hard and neglect to take time top look after our physical and mental health.

Personally I'm not the biggest fan of moustaches however; this November I am growing one to support men's health.

For every sale I make in November I am donating 10% of my gross income to support Movember foundation and men's health.

Over Half Way There!

Over Half Way There!

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