Asteron Message to Tourelle Lifebrokers for Business Excellence Award 2023

For three generations the Tourelle name has been providing insurance solutions to New Zealanders looking to protect and grow the things important to them.

It’s by no chance then that the French translation of Tourelle means “TURRET” - the company logo; and symbolising a tower of strength standing tall protecting people.

For close to 40 years Tourelle Lifebrokers have been strong advocates for financial advice to the rural market and business owners, with both Karen and Andre at the forefront of the ACC discussion and how clients can maximise their cover through tailored advice.

The Tourelle Lifebrokers website states they support “Auckland to Tauranga and everywhere in between” and from their involvement in BNI groups, running regional My Solutions workshops and their constant push to support local SME and farmers; the Tourelles have shown that they live and breathe financial advice.

Their current base in Waihi Beach provides them the work life balance they love, being able to be at the beach, follow their favourite sports, and even hit the surf from time to time. There is a true no-nonsense approach to insurance, there is no doubt their clients come first, and they will press until the best customer outcome is achieved. But just as importantly, the Tourelle’s have not forgotten that’s it’s ok to have FUN, enjoy your work and to laugh along the way – something that has been evident to the great relationships they have built with clients and providers alike.

Karen and Andre are known to work closely together to help each other push for success, a true husband and wife team. But truth be told, they love a bit of competition too; and on more than one occasion Karen has been heard saying “I’ve kicked Andre’s a** this month – time for him to step up !!”.  It is this constant pursuit of excellence - and iron sharpening iron - that has motivated the Tourelle’s to continue year on year to build their business.

We look forward to partnering with Karen and Andre for more success in the future and congratulate Tourelle Lifebrokers on their Asteron Life Business Excellence Award for 2023.


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